Group Companies

Keenmark Inc. is an endeavour of experienced entrepreneur diversified and associated with various prestigious businesses and institutes. All the group activities revolve around the core philosophy of creating platforms to deliver best of products & services to each segment it serves. This is achieved by continuous and comprehensive system assessment and implementation of innovative ideas and processes. Besides the company and group companies highly emphasize on personal and professional development of all stake holders associated with the companies and are considered extended family.

TNJ International School

Operating from four centres, TNJ International Schools is all about building foundation of young toddlers by inculcating moral, religious and educational values in their early age of life. Managed and developed by Child Psychology Experts. TNJ offers comprehensive preschool program to identify and enhance natural skills of young infants, along with preparing them for long institutional journey of school-hood. For more information, visit

Rama Global Foods

The youngest of group endeavours, Rama Global Foods are in process of launching quality Indian traditional snacks, specializing in regional delicacies. Initially sourced from best of regional producers, Rama envisions to produce and enhance all products in-house using state-of-art plants & machineries. The quality will be ensured by best quality raw materials and stringent production and quality checks. Rama envisions to export its produce and emerge as best in class packed ready-to-eat food supplier from India. Visit