Thermic Fluid Heating System

Thermic Fluid Heating System has economically and efficiently made in roads in the applications hereto dominated by steams and electrical heating system.

Employing Thermo oils and other heat transfer media, these provide constantly maintainable temperature upto 3500°C at atmospheric pressure resulting in a virtually pressureless system. Besides keeping the system outside the puriew of boiler regulations. Thermic fluid heater eliminates other problems like corrosion etc. since no water is used in the system.

The increasing costs and the unreliable supplies of furnace oil created the need for an oil heating the need systems where an alternative fuel can be used for firing, without impairing the efficiency.

The new vertical thermic fluid heater model GTVA is suited to meet Indian Industry’s needs in a rapidly changing and uncertain energy situation. The vertical design coupled with integral furnace assures a rated output on any solid fuel like coal, wood, waste, bagasse etc

  • Reduced Excess Air
    Radiant Heat Exchanger above furnace cools furnace. Hence less excess air is needed. This increases efficiency.
  • Air Preheating
    Primary air required for primary combustion from FD fan is passed through air preheater to absorb the waste heat in the fuel gases. This results in further increase in efficiency.
  • Balanced Draught System
    Balanced draught system means minimum infiltration of unwanted air through fire doors. Hence all the combustion air passes through the air-preheater. This maximum heat recovery from air preheater takes place and rated efficiency is assured.