Pollution Control Equipment

Electrostatic Precipitator

Keenmark has a credential record of success in designing, engineering, fabricating, supplying, erection and commissioning of electrostatic precipitator. To achieve this effectively, and to find out the solution for pollution problems by providing Electrostatic precipitators for Power Plants upto 1000MW.

Special features of our ESP:

  • 1. Collecting electrodes are Cold roll formed with shape provided to ensure stiffness and to enhance rapping characteristics
  • 2. Individual Collecting electrodes are suspend from top to form a curtain. This also ensures that the Collecting system is not bulky and thus ensures good rapping characteristics.
  • 3. Discharge electrodes are stretched spring coils of small lengths. This ensures that the straightness of electrodes are maintained easily and alignment of electrodes with respect to the collecting system is easily ensured.
  • 4. The spring tension also enhances the rapping characteristics of the electrode.
  • 5. This design of electrode ensures that no bending takes place.
  • 6. The discharge electrode system is a rigid box frame structure. Ensuring rigidity and proper alignment of complete system.
  • 7. The electrode system is so designed that approach to any level is possible for inspection and maintenance.
  • 8. Rapping system is the tumbling hammer type. Each electrode row is rapped individually. This has the advantage of low re-entrainment and effective rapping. Each rapping system can be tuned to rapping cycle suitable to the dust load handled by that field.
  • 9. Separate rapping is provided for each field. One for collecting electrodes rows and another for discharge electrode rows
  • 10. Electrode system is the PART of the electrostatic precipitator which decides its performance and reliability.
  • 11. Support insulators of the discharge system are housed in individual insularor housings. These are provided with inspection covers, heaters and are fully sealed when closed making it air leak proof and also water leak proof. Ensuring that the Insulator surface is always clean.
  • 12. The individual insulators housings enables easy acess to each insulators for inspection and maintenance.
  • 13. Access doors are provided at inlet and outlet of each field, on hoppers and at the roof for easy access and maintenance.
  • 14. Safety interlock system is also provided for safety of maintenance and operation staff.
  • 15. Walkways and stairways are provided for easy approach to various equipments of the ESP.