Fabric Printing

MHMS, Austria
Rotary Screen Printing Machine
  • Keenmark is an associate partner with an Austrian company – “MHMS”, world renowned for its Rotary Screen Printing Machine with European Technologies.
  • MHMS has successfully installed machines running in over 25 countries worldwide.
  • MHMS machines provide High Quality Fashion Printing on all possible fabrics like finest silk, polyester, upholstery fabrics or heavy weight home textiles, from very short to extremely long runs.
  • MHMS machines can print up to 24 colours with 3.2 meters printing width.
  • MHMS Machine’s Unique Features are:
    • -Its Modular Design, Quick and Simple Screen Change
    • -3–Point Suspension for Uniform Screen Tension and Utmost Smoothness.
    • -Digitally controlled high precision Individually Driven Print Heads for perfect printing.
    • -Unique 3-directional Joystick repeat adjustment for fine tuning during design setting.
    • -Specially designed Magnetic beams for better efficiency and life.
    • -Magnetic Coil Failure Indication on each Beam.
    • -Variable Repeats up to 1018 mm.